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Welcome to our website. We invite you to browse and learn more about our Language Center. For any questions about us to which you can't find the answers here, we invite you to contact us or to visit us at our location.

Exceed Language Center has been founded on the principle of providing excellence in English language teaching and learning and we are dedicated to the task of helping students succeed in gaining the proficiency in English necessary to helping them in their academic and career pursuits. Both our teaching and management staff have a great deal of experience in operating successful education programs in Yemen (and elsewhere) and all of us share a common vision for creating a productive and comfortable learning environment.

By clicking on the links you will find our Mission Statement, our Operating Principles and Objectives, and a brief list of special features that make Exceed Language Center unique and help us to stand out above other language institutes. In addition, by clicking on the links of this page you will be able to access specific information about Exceed Language Center.

Finally, you are invited to check back at our website regularly for programming announcements, as well as for new features which are planned for the future, including Arabic translation of all content, English activities and practice quizzes, links to other recommended language learning websites, and other features we are planning in support of the goal of learning English.

  1. Practice! Practice! Practice: Language is a skill, not an academic subject like Math or History. As a skill, it needs to be practiced as much as possible. Like learning to play the piano or football, skills come only through practice.

  2. Learn English Directly: Do not rely on translation. Even if you don´t understand everything at the moment, it is better to sacrifice short-term understanding in the interest of long-term learning. If you need to filter everything from English to Arabic and then back again to English, you´ll never be fluent. Also, you will often not understand correctly because English and Arabic words very often do not have a “one-for-one” relationship and the grammar of Arabic is completely different from that of English.

  3. Participate actively in class: Class time is your best chance to practice in a structured setting with a trained teacher to guide you. Quiet, shy students learn languages much more slowly than active students.

  4. Don´t be afraid to make mistakes : We learn languages best by actively experimenting with new language that has been introduced and we learn from the mistakes we make. Don´t laugh at others when they make mistakes and don´t worry if others make fun of your mistakes.... you are the one who benefits most by making a mistake.
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