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Welcome to Exceed Language Center, Sana'a, Yemen. We invite you to browse and learn more about our unique language center and English language program. For any questions about us to which you can't find the answers here, we invite you to contact us or visit us in person at our location.

Exceed provides professional educational services that exceed learner aspirations to efficiently contribute to the advancement of society by helping learners achieve language proficiency and personal skills development.  

You are invited to regularly check our website for the latest news, updates, and newest features.


Assal Al-Warafi

Exceed gave me indispensable knowledge and experiences that enabled me to learn valuable lessons. However, having been a junior student at Exceed and a high school student, I was hesitant as to whether or not I shall follow through with my studying journey at Exceed. But all of the caring teachers and the lovely friends I had met there always motivated me and helped me keep going. Lastly said, Exceed was and will always be a great chapter in my life.

Zakarya Ahmed

Exceed is not only an institute at which I learnt English, but also a place where both my personal and practical life has gone up to the next level. As an Exceedian, I was able not only to practice the language, but also to broaden my knowledge of many other fields.

Ebrahim Alareqi

With an exceptional infrastructure, a vibrant culture, and an incredibly qualified team of staff & teachers guiding my journey from my first LINT-A course all the way to graduation, I was able to MASTER English at Exceed in about 2 years! This success enabled me to excel academically during my undergrad, masters, and Ph.D. in the United States. Now as a Data Scientist working in Silicon Valley in California with one of the Fortune 500 companies, I always reflect on my first professional internship as a Software Engineer in the IT department at Exceed. Exceed, without a doubt, was my academic, social, and professional gate to the world.

Abrar Al-Hanani

Exceed was the turning point in my life and an unforgettable journey. Exceed motivated me to accomplish my goals and to always strive for higher achievements. Not only did I learn English within the time I spent at Exceed, but also it was a great part of my life when I learned a way of life and professionalism. This helped mold my character and opened new doors to many successful prospects after graduating from Exceed Language Center.

Language Learning Tips

1. Practice! Practice! Practice: Language is a skill, not an academic subject like Math or History. As a skill, it needs to be practiced as much as possible. Like learning to play the piano or football, skills only come through practice.


2. Learn English Directly: Do not rely on translation. Even if you don ́t understand everything at the moment, it is better to sacrifice short-term understanding in the interest of long-term learning. If you need to filter everything from English to Arabic and then back again to English, you ́ll never be fluent. Also, you will often not understand correctly because english and Arabic words very often do not have a “one-for-one” relationship and the grammar of Arabic is completely different from that of English.


3. Participate Actively in Class: Class time is your best chance to practice in a structured setting with a trained teacher to guide you. Quiet, shy students learn languages much more slowly than active students.


4. Don´t Be Afraid to Make Mistakes: We learn languages best by actively experimenting with new language that has been introduced and we learn from the mistakes we make. Don´t laugh at others when they make mistakes and don´t worry if others make fun of your mistakes. you are the one who benefits most by making a mistake. 


1. Don’t Panic: One of the most common challenges in language learning is listening. It is a challenging skill because students spend more time reading in English than listening to English. Second, English words are pronounced in a way and are written in a different way. For example, the word high has two silent letters. Also, when native speakers speak they tend to blend sounds and link words. So, never hesitate to ask for clarification if you feel lost listening to someone. You can say, “Sorry. Could you please say it again?”
2. Listen Listen Listen: Develop the habit of listening to English for a minimum of 15 minutes a day. Even if you are busy, you can always do listening while working, driving, or exercising.

3. Listen to What Grabs Your Interest: If you like news then listen to VOA Special English, CNN, and BBC. BBC Six-Minute English is very helpful. Always make sure to focus on your favorite topics. If you like sports, there a lot of sports TV channels and radio stations in English. There are a lot of Islamic websites, lectures, and channels like Huda TV, if you are interested in listening to Islamic cultural topics. Some movies can be a rich and authentic source for listening. Viewing videos and movies with English subtitles is essential to practice listening.

 4. Do It Right: If you try to understand every word you will end up with an unclear message. Listen for three times. Listen the first time for general meaning, one for more details, and the last time for individual words and phrases.